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Disaster Relief Loan

“If one member suffers, all suffer.” - 1 Corinthians 12:26

A Disaster Relief Loan is a fixed-rate, short-term loan to help you get back on your feet in the wake of an emergency or disaster. At America’s Christian Credit Union, we understand that a natural disaster can be stressful for you and your finances. That’s why we offer a Disaster Relief Loan to help those who reside in declared disaster areas.

Help in the wake of natural disasters

At America’s Christian Credit Union, we want you to know that you are not alone in dealing with the after-effects of the on-going natural disasters. We care about our members and want to help. Join us as we unite in prayer and commit to aiding in every way. Our mission is to assist our members in communities across the country in responding with relief and long-term recovery efforts.

Benefits of a Disaster Relief Loan:

  • Unsecured loans up to $5,000
  • 0.00% APR1,2 for the first 90 days
  • No payments due in the first 90 days
  • After a 90-day deferred payment period, a rate of 6.00% is applied
  • 18-month term3 loan (including deferment period)

Today's Rate - Valid 07/05/2022
Disaster Relief Loan
0% APR for first 3 months, then

Stronger Together

Our Banking, Membership, and Lending teams have been working tirelessly with federal & state regulators to extend the breadth of services and options we have to serve you. Contact an ACCU representative as soon as you run into any hardships – Or even better, if you get a sense you may be in the near future. First, so we can pray with you and over your financial situation – then so we can tailor a solution that will work best for your specific situation. This includes, but is not limited to loan payment deferrals, fee waivers, and interest-free emergency loans. There is a whole host of options available, and they vary by state – we can guide you through them.

Financing with Christian Values
With life comes the unexpected. Don’t fall for quick cash and predatory lending offers just because you need money fast. Whether you need a loan for a large purchase or emergencies (big and small), America's Christian Credit Union (ACCU) is with you every step of the way. Our dedicated lending representatives stand ready to help you find the best option to fit your needs.
Disaster Relief Loan Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Disaster Relief Loan?

A Disaster Relief Loan is a fixed-rate, short-term loan that offers a fixed rate for a fixed term and is secured by your signature, no collateral needed.

How do I qualify for this program?

You qualify for this program if you have been affected by a natural disaster (wild fire, earthquake, or severe storm) within the United States during the last 180 days as listed by FEMA.gov.

How long does it take to get a decision?

Your loan will be reviewed in 1-2 business days. However, our decision may be delayed if we require additional information from you.

How do I receive my Disaster Relief Loan funds?

The funds will either be deposited into an account designated by the borrowers or a check will be mailed to the address requested.

Is there a minimum loan amount?

Yes, the minimum loan amount is $500.

Is there a maximum loan amount?

Yes, the maximum loan amount is $5,000.

1 – APR = Annual Percentage Rate.

2 – 0% for the first 90 days. After 90-day deferred payment period, rate of 6.00% is applied.

3 – Must qualify for membership. A $2.00 membership fee may apply. Savings or Checking Account is required to fund the account. The credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration. Added savings protection provided by American Share Insurance. Please speak to a credit union representative for details. Equal Housing Opportunity.