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Getting Rich Right

Biblical Financial Literacy Resources by Dr. John Thornton
Presented by America's Christian Credit Union
Video Lessons

Lesson 1

How To Build A Personal Financial Plan For God’s Glory

Identify God’s purpose for wealth, and describe a simple plan to overcome the two challenges of money.

Lesson 2

Principle #1: Worthy of Trust – Three Tools For Financial Freedom

Describe the three financial tools you need to be trustworthy with wealth, and sketch your personal plan to financial freedom.

Lesson 3

Principle #2: Little to Much – Two Sources of Earnings

Identify the two sources of earnings, and use the Net Worth Projector to analyze “what-if” scenarios and prioritize where you invest your money.

Lesson 4

Principle #2: Little to Much – Seven Tips To Make The Most Of Your Money

Describe the “Seven Tips to Make the Most of Your Money,” and use the three worksheets to design your best personal budget now.

Lesson 5

Principles #3 & #4: Completing the Plan

Connect your personal budget back to God’s purpose for money, and appraise how your use of wealth has implications from here to eternity, in both stewardship and ownership roles.


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Worksheets Include:

  • Net Worth Projection Calculator
  • Income Statement Worksheet
  • Statement of Cash Flows Worksheet
  • Balance Sheet Worksheet
  • Spending Annualizer & Budget Worksheet
  • Track Every Penny Worksheet
  • Rank Your Spending Worksheet

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About John Thornton

Dr. John Thornton has been teaching college accounting students about financial stewardship for 30 years. Now, in partnership with America’s Christian Credit Union, Dr. Thornton is making Biblical financial literacy resources available for free to anyone desiring to honor God more fully with their finances.

Dr. Thornton is a CPA with a Ph.D. in Accounting from Washington State University. He is the Dean of the Patty Arvielo School of Business and Management at Vanguard University of Southern California, and he is the author of Jesus’ Terrible Financial Advice (Moody Publishers). He and his wife, Alyssa, live in Southern California.

Download Dr. Thornton’s “Jesus’ Terrible Financial Advice: Eight Day Devotional”