America's Christian CU
America's Christian Credit Union
Overdraft Coverage

Mistakes happen. But you can be protected from denied transactions, embarrassment or worse with overdraft protection services from America’s Christian Credit Union. We have multiple levels of protection, for maximum peace of mind.

Linked Account

  • Link a savings account to your checking account
  • Overdraft items are automatically transferred from savings
  • $7.50 fee for each automatic transfer from savings

Overdraft Line of Credit

  • Pre-approved line of credit to cover overdrafts
  • No setup or maintenance fees
  • Interest only accrues when overdraft occurs
  • Limit from $500
    –$30,000 based on approved credit
  • $7.50 fee for each automatic transfer from overdraft

Courtesy Pay

  • We may pay overdrafts on your behalf when all other overdraft methods have been exhausted.
  • Automatically covered Courtesy Pay transactions:
    • Written checks
    • Automatic bill payments
  • Transactions not covered unless you request they be covered:
    • ATM transactions
    • Common, everyday debit card transactions
    • You must opt-in by filling out this form to receive Courtesy Pay protection on these types of transactions
  • $32.50 fee each time we pay an overdraft

For further information on ACCU’s Overdraft Coverage program, please see the disclosure below.

Overdraft Privilege Program (Courtesy Pay) Disclosure

If all overdraft options have been exhausted, America’s Christian CU may courtesy pay the item and draw the account negative.

Payment of the overdraft is discretionary and is not guaranteed. America’s Christian CU may courtesy pay share drafts and ACH debits drawn on accounts without available funds, based on the following guidelines:

  • Account has been opened more than 60 days
  • Account has not been in the negative for 14 days or more at time of debit presentment
  • Account loans must be in good standing
  • Account will not go into the negative more than, inclusive of all fees:
    • $200.00 for Student Packages
    • $500.00 for accounts without Direct Deposit
    • $1,000.00 for accounts with Direct Deposit

America’s Christian Credit Union may courtesy pay ATM and everyday debit card transactions based on these same guidelines if you, the member specifically opt-in for these types of transactions.

Notification of eligibility for courtesy pay and a request for member opt-in for ATM and everyday debit card transactions will be sent after the account has met the courtesy pay guidelines.

All accounts will be charged a Paid NSF fee of $32.50, as noted on the fee schedule, for each debit when courtesy paid. Checks will be paid in check number order. Additional fees may be charged in connection with transactions besides checks, such as ATM withdrawals, debit card transactions, preauthorized automatic debits, telephone initiated transfers, or other electronic transfers, if applicable.

Accounts that remain negative for greater than 14 working days are subject to closure and collection.

Members may choose to opt-out of the program completely by calling the credit union at 1-800-343-6328.