Organization Fee Schedule


Organization Fee Schedule effective date April 15, 2020.


Account Closure Due to Abuse$25.00
Account Levy, Garnishment or Subpoena$40.00
Account Research – Per Hour$25.00
Bad Address – Annual$5.00
Cashier’s Check$5.00
Check Cashing for a Non-Member1% ($5.00 minimum)
Checks Payable to Third Party$5.00
Courtesy Pay per each occurrence /Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)/Uncollected Funds (UCF)$30.00
CU Check Stop Payment$20.00
Deposit Adjustment$20.00
Escheat Notice (Per Notice)$2.00
Express/Overnight Mail Fee (Per Envelope)Cost + $10.00
Fax (Per Page)$2.00
Foreign Check Collection$20.00
Inactive Account (1 Year No Activity, Balance Under $2500, Fee Per Quarter)$10.00
Loose Coin Deposited10%
Membership Closure Within 12 months$15.00
Membership Fee (One Time)$2.00
Notary (Member/Non-Member)$5.00 / $15.00
NSF Fee per each occurrence$30.00
One-Time Debit$5.00
Paper Statement (Per Statement)$3.00
Photocopy of Check Deposited$5.00
Returned Deposit Item$20.00
Returned Loan Payment$30.00
Rolled Coin – Purchased or Deposited$0.25 per roll
Statement Replacement (Per Copy)$10.00
Statement Copies – onlineFree

Checking Accounts

Check Images (2 free per statement period)$10.00
Check Images – onlineFree
Check PrintingVaries
Dividend Checking Monthly Fee$10.00
Non-Dividend Checking Monthly FeeFree
Non-Dividend Checking paper statement and or 10 Checks Clear (Per Month)$10.00
Overdraft Transfer$7.50
Re-Admittance Fee After CU Closure$15.00
Stop Payment Fee$20.00
Stop Payment Revoke Fee$20.00
Temporary Checks Per Page$1.00

Wire Transfers

Incoming Domestic and International$5.00
Outgoing Domestic$25.00
Outgoing International$40.00
Wire Tracer$10.00

Bill Pay Service

Bill Pay Reinstatement$10.00
Returned Payment$30.00
Stop Payment Fee$15.00
Written Correspondence$10.00


ATM Only Card Annual Fee$12.00
ATM/Debit Card Reissue$15.00
Damaged/Lost ATM/Debit Card$15.00 per card
Two-Day ATM/Debit Card or PIN Rush Delivery$45.00 per card
ATM Empty Deposit Envelope$25.00
Foreign Transaction Conversion1%
Reloadable Student or Travel Card$5.00
Reload Fee$3.00
Temporary Credit Line Increase1%
VISA Gift Cards$5.00
VISA 360 Set-up Fee$100.00
VISA 360 GL Set-up Fee - Under 100 GL Accounts$300.00
VISA 360 GL Set-up Fee - Over 100 GL Accounts$500.00
VISA 360 Monthly Fee$49.99

Cash Management

ACH Transaction Origination (Item)$0.08
Return ACH Item$5.00
Notification of ACH Change$1.00
Late ACH File Post Per Item Fee (Max 10)$10.00
Cash Management Monthly Service$40.00
CM or Remote Deposit Capture Cancellation (Within 1 Year of Contract)$500.00
Remote Deposit Capture (Waived for cash management)$20.00
Remote Deposit Capture ScannerVaries


ACCU offers many convenient services free of charge. However, ACCU incurs costs from other organizations who perform or provide a service. Certain services make some fees necessary. By asking members who use these services to help pay for them, our entire membership is served in the fairest way possible.

Ministry/Business Loans are subject to additional fees.