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Defer loan payments with our loan deferral program

Stretch your budget with skip-a-pay

Unexpected times come your way and you need to skip a payment. America’s Christian Credit Union can help with our loan extension payment program. This is convenient when you need to defer payments with unforeseen costs like medical bills and tax payments.

What skip-a-pay includes

  • Skip up to 2 payments every 12 months – 5 times total for the life of the loan1.
  • It’s available on most auto and personal loans.
  • It’s only $30.00 per skip.

How to skip a payment

Apply through the form below to get started. Must be a member and approved to be able to skip a payment.

1 – Skip-a-pay is not a forgiveness of the monthly payment rather a deferment of the payment and the postponed payment will be added to the end of the loan which will cause the final payment to be due later than usual. Interest will continue to accrue for the deferred payment. You must request the skip-a-pay a minimum of five days prior to the payment’s due date. Must be approved to receive a deferment. May skip 2 payments in 12 months; allotted 5 times total for the life of the loan. Deferments are permitted on auto loans, personal loans, adoption loans, and signature loans. Deferments are excluded on mortgage loans, lines of credit, and home equity lines of credit (HELOC).