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Ministry Checking

Simple and convenient checking accounts for Christian ministries, churches, and non profits.

Strong churches and ministries need a strong financial partner. We would love to be yours!

What is Ministry Checking?

Ministry Checking is simply just that – it is a checking account for ministries and nonprofits with a financial partner who’s ready to help your ministry grow. As a Kingdom-building organization, you want the maximum amount of funding to go to your ministry. That’s why we offer ministries and nonprofits a premium free small business checking account.

Benefits of Ministry Checking

*$10.00 monthly fee will be charged if more than 10 checks cleared per month.

Open Your Ministry Checking Account Today
ACCU is your financial partner, ready to help your ministry grow - no matter what phase you are in and no matter where you are in the country. Before you click Apply Online, please view the required items needed to be prepared with to fill out the application.
Required Items for the Application Process
  • Completed Membership Application (including membership qualification)
  • EIN Confirmation Letter from IRS
  • Formation Documents (Articles of Incorporation or equivalent)
  • Active Registration Status with your state
  • Recent Board Minutes or a letter from the Board Secretary identifying all approved account signers
  • Filed DBA documents (if applicable)
Ministry Checking FAQ

What’s the difference between Ministry Checking and other checking accounts?

A Ministry Checking account is like a business checking account, but suited for churches and nonprofits. You can have access to automatic tithing through one of our Online Giving partners.

Can I have more than one Ministry Checking account?

Yes, your organization can have more than one Ministry Checking account with ACCU. We are here to help you be in control of your ministry and provide insights to strengthen your ministry.

Do I have to maintain a minimum balance to have a Ministry Checking or to earn interest?

Your organization is not required to have a minimum balance for your Ministry Checking account. To earn interest, you will need to have a Corporate Checking account with a minimum balance of $1,500.

Can I add more signers to our account?

Yes, you can add more signers to your Ministry Checking account. If your organization is a current member, you can go here to find information on requesting to add more signers to your organization’s account.