America's Christian CU
America's Christian Credit Union


Personal Fee Schedule effective date May 1, 2022.  Health Care Sharing (HCS) effective date May 1, 2022.


Account Closure Due to Abuse$25.00
Account Levy, Garnishment or Subpoena$50.00
Account Research – Per Hour$30.00
Bad Address – Annual$5.00
Cashier’s Check$5.00
Check Cashing for a Non-Member1% ($5.00 minimum)
Checks Payable to Third Party$5.00
CU Check Stop Payment$20.00
Daily Overdraft Transfer Fee$7.50
Deposit Adjustment – All deposit types$20.00
Escheat Notice (Per Notice)$2.00
Express or Overnight Mail Fee (Per Envelope)Cost + $10.00
Fax (Per Page)$2.00
Foreign Check Collection$25.00
Inactive Account (1 Year No Activity, Balance Under $2500, Fee Per Quarter)$10.00
Loose Coin Deposited10%
Membership Closure Within 12 months of Opening$15.00
Membership Fee (One Time)$2.00
Non CO-OP ATM Withdrawal$2.00
Notary (Member/Non-Member)$5.00 / $15.00
NSF Fee per each occurrence1$32.50
One-Time Over The Phone Payment$10.00
Overdraft Privilege/Overdraft Privilege PLUS fee, per each occurrence2$32.50
Photocopy of Check Deposited$5.00
Re-Admittance Fee After CU Closure$15.00
Returned Deposit Item$20.00
Rolled Coin – Purchased or Deposited$0.25 per roll
Statement Replacement (Per Statement)$10.00
Statement Copies – onlineFree
Teller Checks$2.00
Verification of Deposit$15.00

Checking Accounts

Basic Checking Paper Statement Fee$4.00
Secure Checking Monthly Service Fee$4.95
Secure and Varsity / Student Checking Paper Statement Fee$3.00
Check Images (2 free per statement period)$10.00
Check Images – OnlineFree
Check PrintingVaries
Stop Payment Fee$30.00
Stop Payment Revoke Fee$30.00
Temporary Checks – Per Page$3.00

Savings and IRA/HSA/Coverdell

IRA Closure$25.00
IRA Transfer Fee to Another FI (Per Account)$50.00
Paper Statement (Per Statement)$3.00

Wire Transfers

Incoming Domestic$10.00
Incoming International$20.00
Outgoing Domestic$25.00
Outgoing International$40.00
Wire Tracer$13.00

Bill Pay Service

Bill Pay Reinstatement$10.00
Returned Payment$30.00
Stop Payment Fee$15.00
Written Correspondence$10.00

ATM/Visa® Debit

Damaged/Lost Debit Card$15.00 per card
Two-Day Debit Card or PIN Rush Delivery$45.00 per card
ATM Empty Deposit Envelope$25.00
Foreign Transaction Conversion1%
Reloadable Student or Travel Card$5.00
Reload Fee$3.00
Visa Gift Cards$5.00


Adoption Loan Funding Fee$75.00
Consolidation Loan (Multiple Creditors, Loan Over $5,000)$50.00
Late Payment Transfer from Share by CU$10.00
Loan Application Fee (If Denied Within the Past 6 Months)$40.00
Loan Funding (Excludes Real Estate, Equity, Adoption)$25.00
Loan Modification (Non-Real Estate)$50.00
Mortgage Demand or Payoff Statement$30.00
One-Time Debit$10.00
Real Estate Loan Cancellation$75.00
Real Estate Loan Subordination Fee$200.00
Reconveyance or Lien Satisfaction$45.00
Returned Loan Payment$30.00
Skip-A-Pay Fee$30.00
Credit Card Monthly Paper Statement Fee$3.00

Health Care Sharing

Account Levy, Garnishment or Subpoena$50.00
Account Reconciliation (per hour)Min. $40.00
Bad Address – Annual$5.00
Deposit Adjustment: Deposit ticket does not match dollars received$20.00
Medi-Share Monthly Admin. Fee$2.00
Membership Fee (one time)$2.00
NSF Check Fee per each occurrence1$32.50
Overdraft Privilege Fee per each occurrence2$32.50
Paper Statement Recipient (Waived for e-Statements)$1.00
Returned Deposit Item$20.00
Statement Replacement (per copy)$10.00
Statement Copies – onlineFree
Verification of Deposit: Member Authorization to a third party for verifying account balances on account.$15.00

1 – If multiple items are returned unpaid due to insufficient available funds on the same day, you will be charged an NSF fee for each returned item. The same item may be presented for payment more than once, and you will be charged an NSF fee each time that item is presented and returned due to insufficient available funds.

2 – The Overdraft Privilege / Overdraft Privilege PLUS Program fee is a flat fee charged regardless of the amount the account is overdrawn and will be charged for each overdraft item presented and paid by the Credit Union, up to a maximum of ten (10) fees per day. 

ACCU offers many convenient services free of charge. However, ACCU incurs costs from other organizations who perform or provide a service. Certain services make some fees necessary. By asking members who use these services to help pay for them, our entire membership is served in the fairest way possible. Real estate loans may be subject to additional fees.