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K-12 Tuition Loans

Giving families flexible payment terms while reducing school risk and administrative burden
Solving The Tuition Dilemma

Schools need full enrollment, but most families can’t pay tuition upfront. Schools offer monthly payment plans to drive enrollment, but then must price tuition to account for losses, assess families’ ability to repay, monitor accounts, and collect or write off delinquencies. When you get down to it, tuition payment plans are a lot like loans. Do you want your school undertaking the financial responsibilities of a bank?

With K-12 Tuition Loans from America’s Christian Credit Union, you can outsource the risk and administrative burden of monthly tuition collection and get back to the job you love. Our program is offered at no cost to schools with no contracts required.

Here’s an example of how K-12 Tuition Loans can work for your school:

  1. Set a single payment deadline, making full tuition due at the beginning of the year.
  2. Choose your funding option: instant transfer to your school’s ACCU corporate checking account or physical checks mailed to your school
  3. Families wanting a monthly payment option are referred to ACCU for a low-interest K-12 Tuition Loan.1
  4. Your school receives 100% of tuition upfront – no further action needed.
  5. ACCU collects monthly payments from participating families and absorbs any losses.

Looking to customize the program for your school’s needs? We would love the opportunity to meet and build a plan that works best for you.

Benefits of K-12 Tuition Loans

For Schools:

  • De-risks school revenue and improves budget projections since dollars are received upfront
  • Reduces the administrative burden of monitoring accounts and working with delinquent families
  • Frees up staff for more important work
  • Eliminates the need for loan loss provisions
  • No costs to the school, and no contracts required
  • Provides an opportunity to invest tuition dollars not immediately needed for a better return

For Families:

  • Offers a monthly payment plan to help families afford school tuition
  • May help stabilize annual tuition rates due to more consistent school income
  • Potential for the school to offer a discount to families who pay for the full year upfront
  • Underwriting standards that help families avoid overly burdensome financial obligations

What Other Schools Are Saying

“As the Director of Operations and Admissions, I would highly recommend using ACCU’s tuition loan program. It has really helped me lighten my workload. I no longer have to ask parents each month to pay the tuition bill or keep the records for all the accounts each month.”
– Mrs. Josie H.

“This program can and does encourage families to enroll that might otherwise walk away. I am often asked about tuition and payment options, and having this ACCU payment program is an effective tool in recruitment for those families that need a monthly option.”
– Mrs. Judy G.

Discuss K-12 Tuition Loans for Your School Today
ACCU is your financial partner, ready to help your school grow - no matter what phase you are in and no matter where you are in the country. We would love the opportunity to meet and build a plan that works best for you. Schedule a consultation below to get started.

1 – Loans subject to credit approval. Not all applicants will qualify. New members must qualify for membership and must pay a $2 membership fee.