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You need more than just a digital giving solution or mobile app. You need a comprehensive platform that meets members where they are and encourages them to take the next step in their faith.
For the 80% of Your Church That Isn’t as Engaged as They Could Be

Whether you’re a new church plant loading into a gym every weekend or an established church deciding where to plant your next campus, you’re probably seeing the same patterns when it comes to giving and engagement: 20% of the people in your church account for 80% of the generosity, service, and involvement that happens every week according to Pushpay.

Those people—the core 20%—are the heartbeat of your church. They’re the ones setting up scheduled giving, serving every Sunday, leading small groups. But while they may represent an outsized percentage of the participation, they still only represent 20% of your church.

Here’s the question: How well do you engage with the 80% of your church that doesn’t engage well with you?

If you’re like most churches, you know there’s more you could do to reach the 80%. But reaching them is hard—they don’t engage with you the way the 20% does. They’re not jumping out of their seats to join a small group or get plugged into serving. They only give occasionally. They’re only showing up to a weekend service every couple of weeks. Your options to reach them are limited.

That’s why we partnered with Pushpay—to provide a complete suite of giving and engagement tools. We can give you new, meaningful connection points to the 80%—technology, tools, and training that will help you connect with everyone in your church, any day of the week. So whether the 20% becomes the 30% or stays where it is, 100% of your church is better connected to what really matters.

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