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Banking with Virtue

We are committed to serving the financial needs of Classical Christian Schools and their employees as they work to instill in young believers a deep and abiding love of goodness, truth, and beauty.
Classical Christian Education Partners
America's Christian Credit Union is proud to partner with the following organizations:

School Operations

School Banking

We offer a full range of financial products and services to keep your operation running smoothly. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your deposits are federally insured and used to fund loans to churches, ministries, and other Christian schools.

School Construction Loans

Private school enrollment is up, and your campus might be feeling impacted. Let us help you secure the financing to build or renovate your space so learning can remain your main focus. Our staff will work hand-in-hand developing a solution that works best for your school.

K-12 Tuition Financing

We are pleased to offer low-interest loans to help families afford the cost of private Christian schooling. In addition to helping families, this program enables schools to collect funds in a lump sum while shifting administrative burden to ACCU staff.

Faculty & Staff Benefits

Checking & Savings

ACCU can help make budgeting for a 10-month pay period easy. With an automatic monthly transfer from each paycheck, you can build your summer savings to get you through the non-payroll period. Set it, forget it, and get back to the job you love.

Teacher’s Loan

If you need extra funds throughout the year, ACCU can help. Our Teacher’s Loan offers a short term and fixed rate to provide you an affordable financing option without using emergency funds or personal savings.

New Member Certificate

When you partner with ACCU, your staff becomes eligible for credit union membership and can earn up to $400 in dividends by opening a new member certificate.

Member Benefits
ACCU is pleased to offer the following member benefits thanks to the generosity of our partners
What Others Are Saying
"As the Director of Operations and Admissions, I would highly recommend using ACCU's tuition financing program. It has really helped me lighten my work load. I no longer have to ask parents each month to pay the tuition bill or keep the records for all the accounts each month. "
- Mrs. Josie H., Los Angeles, CA
“It is a comfort to know that ACCU is staying firm to God’s truth in its operations and management of my financial resources. God has much to say about our finances, and to have my money invested with an organization that shares my Biblical values is important to me. I believe God will bless my investments because those who lead ACCU trust God, are praying, and are working on my behalf as a financial partner.”
- Debbie Schindler, Pacific Christian Academy, Seattle, WA
“We needed to consolidate our school construction debt into one loan so we could pay the construction company. We were told ‘no’ by several other companies, but ACCU took the time to work with us. It was such a blessing to work with a Christian lender who understands and prays for the school’s ministry and who shares the same ultimate goal — to advance the Kingdom.”
- Elisa Carlson, Head of School, Central Christian School, OR
"ACCU's K-12 Tuition Loan program can and does encourage families to enroll that might otherwise walk away. I am often asked about tuition and payment options, and having this ACCU payment program is an effective tool in recruitment for those families that need a monthly option.”
- Mrs. Judy G., Los Angeles, CA
“As the world moves further away from God’s truth, it has been a desire of mine to partner with businesses who are of like mind with the Biblical principles that guide my life. ACCU honors the same Biblical principles and has the same moral compass as I do. It is a comfort to know that they will use and protect my money in a way that is consistent with my understanding of what God says about financial stewardship.”
- Debbie Schindler, Pacific Christian Academy, Seattle, WA