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Visa® 360

Flexible. Fully-integrated. Focused.
A Business Card Management Tool Unlike Any Other

What if you could find a solution that provided your business with game-changing insights into your cardholders’ behavior, while also offering those cardholders valuable card management tools?

What if that solution also gave you administrative access to manage everything, you’d need to do for your business credit card program in a given day: close cards, change limits, order replacements?

360Control does all this and more from a flexible, easy-to-use, web- based platform that you can customize to meet the needs of your credit union.

Want to see which merchants your cardholders prefer? Done. Want to group your preferred merchants to pull transaction reports related to just them? Easy.

With 360Control, you’ll have the tools you’ll need to let your cardholders’ transactions show you what your most profitable next steps should be.

How It Works

360Control supports your business cardholders with a range of customizable features. Cardholders can access the information they need to track and manage their expenses.

Your cardholders will be able to:

  • Add out-of-pocket and mileage items
  • Take advantage of prepopulated claims
  • Attach receipts with image capture
  • Setup email alerts

360Control can automate card services and provide the information you need to identify preferred merchant activity, prevent fraud, and access customized reports online, any time.

360Control provides:

  • Online reporting and analysis
  • Early fraud detection
  • Merchant based reporting
  • Individual and global cardholder usage reporting
  • Scheduled reports and emails

All of this, plus, 360Control can be fully integrated with your current financial systems, so you can pull accurate, real-time reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Powerful Insights to Accelerate Growth

With 360Control’s powerful suite of tools, your business will have unprecedented access to cardholder information as well as merchant level reporting, to help you make the best decisions. More important, your business will be able to set up customized access levels for users – giving the right people the right permissions to provide your cardholders with the best possible experience. From cardholder user to manager, administrator, or a reports-only viewer, the customized access ensures that your business is in full control. With 360Control, you will have the powerful insight necessary to create incredible prosperity for your business credit cards.